Special 1st Birthday Gift Idea!

Special 1st Birthday Gift Idea!

Posted by Bec Martin on on 20th Aug 2018

I see so many posts on Facebook "1st birthday ideas" so, I thought I would share with you what we did for our 3 kidlets.

We wanted to celebrate this milestone with family and friends but, did not want to be inundated with presents for a 1 year old - lets face it, they would rather play with the wrapping paper!

So hubby and I decided that we would ask the guests to bring something for their "21st box" and on their 21st birthdays, we will give them their box of gifts to open. Something extra special for them on another milestone birthday.

I'm not wishing thier 21st's to come around quickly, but I'm super excited to be able to give them this special box.  I know there will be funny gifts, sentimental gifts & who knows what else.

Bec x

Jackson on his 1st birthday (now 12) with his big brother Sean.

Tyler on his 1st birthday (now 8) with his Great Aunty Jan

Summer on her 1st birthday (now 6) with her big brother Jack & Uncle Dion