Measuring Little Feet!

Measuring Little Feet!

Posted by Bec Martin on on 7th Jun 2018

Buying shoes online for kids can sometimes be a little bit daunting as different brands have different sizing..  That's why we are here to help!

We will start here with the best way to measure little feet:

1.  Grab a measuring tape (if using a ruler, make sure the measurements start from the edge of the ruler).

2.  Stand them against a wall (good luck with toddlers lol) and make sure their heels are right up against the wall.

3.  Make sure their feet are straight (see pic below)

4.  Measure the distance from the wall to the big toe (in mm)

5.  Do this for both feet as one is generally bigger than the other.

6.  Use the biggest measurement.  Each of our shoes will have a size chart in the description with the recommended foot length stated.  Just look that up and it will give you the correct size to choose.  Easy peasy! If there isn't a size chart in the description, you add 8 to 10mm for new walkers and up to 15mm for older kids to your biggest measurement.  This will give you your insole measurement (the maximum size the insole of the shoe can be).

We are currently working on a standard Kids Got Sole Aus sizing which will mean  you can measure the feet and get your Aus sizing and that will be the same for every brand.  So if you measure an Aus Size 8, you can look that up and it will be the same for all of our brands..  Our sizing chart will be out for this soon..

Also remember, if you do get the sizing wrong, we are more than happy to exchange and we pay the postage one way!  You can read more about our returns here: Returns

I hope this helps a little - if you have any question, please contact us, we are here to help

Bec x